Bulsara and His Queenies

Bulsara and His Queenies

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Bulsara and His Queenies are a remarkable band that perform the music of Queen to an exceptional and spine-tingling standard.

Selected by Queen Productions Ltd. to be the headline act of The Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in Montreux, Switzerland, they have become globally recognised as an alternative tribute to undoubtedly the World’s biggest band.

Bulsara and His Queenies [BAHQ] have their own identity; not what is quite expected of your typical ‘Queen Tribute Band’. There is no attempt to look like Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, simply an emphasis on Queen’s beloved catalogue of stunning album tracks, soaring anthems and huge chart-topping hits.

They don’t describe themselves as a ‘Queen Tribute Band’ per se; think ‘homage’ rather than ‘pastiche’.

Featuring the sensational vocals of lead singer, Gareth Taylor and world-class musicians – this is a must-see for ALL Queen fans.

Gareth Taylor: “We exist to provide the most discerning Queen fan with a unique experience, proving beyond doubt that it is possible to perform Queen’s music without looking like them and to be respected more for doing so. The vast majority of our globally growing fanbase are thrilled that we don’t conform to the norm and are thoroughly enjoying that we perform songs that they haven’t even heard Queen play live.”

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