Viva Morrissey

Viva Morrissey

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Viva Morrissey - Live In Newcastle

Viva Morrissey – A Sincere Tribute To Morrissey

Viva Morrissey are the world’s only tribute to the present-day Morrissey.

Formed in the summer of 2007, and based in the Holy City of Manchester, Morrissey’s birthplace, and home of his former band The Smiths, Viva Morrissey are highly regarded for the authenticity and accuracy that they bring to their presentation.

Viva Morrissey’s performances are based on Morrissey’s present-day solo shows, which makes their live shows markedly different from those of tributes to The Smiths.

The Viva Morrissey live set includes many of the classic Smiths songs, alongside some of Morrissey’s best known and most loved solo material.

Having been a successful recording artist for over 30 years, Morrissey is rightly regarded as a legendary figure in the music industry, as well as a true cultural icon, therefore a tribute to his entire career (so far) was long overdue.


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