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The Prince Experience


In 2016 we lost Prince, one of the most prolific and controversial musical icons of all time, it seems there’s nothing this man couldn’t do, and because there was only one PRINCE, there’s only one Prince Tribute ENDORPHINMACHINE.

The nine piece band is made up of some amazing musicians who all have one thing in common – they are huge fans of the music. This love is clear to see, and of course heard when the band perform. Fast becoming known as ‘the tightest live band out there’, they play with a passion that is undeniable, you won’t believe your ears once the music starts.  Jaw breaking high notes, screams and high heels, wailing guitar solos, Linn drums, loops, funky funky bass, live horns, and that famous ‘purple’ sense of humour.

Only Prince Tribute ENDORPHINMACHINE have the audacity, and the musicianship to do justice to the music of the purple genius.  It all comes together in an incredible onstage explosion of hits, from the floor shaking 1999, through the era defining soundtrack from the movie Purple Rain, right through the hits of the 90s, and beyond. One thing is for sure, you better bring your comfortable shoes, because you WILL be dancing. Celebrate the music of Prince with Prince Tribute ENDORPHINMACHINE.

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