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The Cureheads - The Cure Tribute

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The Cureheads are the world’s most established tribute to THE CURE, having played to over half a million Cure fans all over the globe since 1990.

The Cureheads started in Stockholm in 1990 when Englishman Gary Clarke was busking around Europe playing Cure and mission songs for bus tickets to the next city. Since then The Cureheads have played in major venues, tiny venues, sports stadiums, city squares and even at celebrity weddings in the UK, USA, Poland, Czech Republic. Spain, Japan, France, Bahrain, IE, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Russia

With shows by the real Cure an all too rare thing The Cureheads have gone to painstaking lengths to re-create the atmosphere and sounds and smells of a real show of The Cure at their 1990 peak. The Cureheads play songs from all moments of The Cure’s career and even include B-sides and internet only releases in their set when the audience calls for it

2012 was The Cureheads’ 21st anniversary & in celebration of playing to over a quarter of a million Curefans in 21 yrs.’, the band completed a UK tour of Academy venues with their best shows to date which included a dynamic interactive light and video show.  Gabrielle also joined The Cureheads for a Tour of South America including Paraguay and Argentina where the show went out to huge audiences.

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