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Beat Goes Bang

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Featuring not only one but three of Birmingham’s statesmen of the 2 Tone era, The Beat Goes Bang provide all of the class and style from a time when music mattered.

Everett Morton, the original drummer for The Beat, has brought together some of Birmingham’s most talented artists to reform as The Beat Goes Bang, bringing that classic sound and feeling back to the streets of Birmingham and beyond.

The band also feature former band mate from The Beat and member of both General Public and Dexys Midnight Runners Mickey Billingham along with Neil Deathridge (International Beat) and Faisal Rashid and Jason Ensa.

The city of Birmingham has produced many of the greatest British musical exports from a range of styles and The Beat Goes Bang deliver that classic Ska and Reggae sound with a Post-Punk edge.

After performing with The Beat and releasing three albums in the early 80’s, which included a string of hit singles such as ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’, ‘Tears of a Clown’, ‘Ranking Full Stop’ and ‘Too Nice to Talk To’, Everett now has taken it a step further and introduced a brand new incarnation of that feeling and sound with The Beat Goes Bang, where the group are currently working not only on the old stuff but also bringing you some great new songs too.

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